The origin of the hashtag can be found in the earliest days of the Internet. For years, these symbols were buried within the deep recesses of the WWW, unknown to the masses. That is until 2006, when a soon-to-be revolutionary Social Media Platform was beginning to take shape.



By attaching a hashtag (#) to a particular word or phrase, you turn it into a searchable link. It gives You ability to search for topics and conversations using hashtags. With Hashtags clients describe their message and increase it exposure. Creating Your Own Hashtag is the harder option, especially for smaller brands, but the potential payoff can be huge.

Give a boost in Social Media Experience



Facebook hashtag has't picked up much steam. They take you to a list of posts containing the same hashtag.

Instagram hashtags can be used to complement shared photos and help you to discover new accounts and pick up followers.

Google+ the search results will include the original hashtag as well as posts with similar tags and keywords. SEM results display on the left, while hashtag results from within Google+ appear on the right.

Pinterest use hashtags to mark and description to navigate results that contain the exact hashtag, plus pins with the same word or phrase in the description.